Grilled rib eye steak

379 :-

250g meat! Served with deep-fried potato wedges, grilled Mexican style corn on the cob with Parmesan, cilantro, ranch-dressing, garlic and chilibutter. Sweet potato puree, sweet potato crisps and BBQ sauce.


Beef Tenderloin

389 :-

200g meat! Pepper sauce, bearnaise sauce, baconwrapped asparagus, saltbaked pearl tomatoes and gratinated jacket potatoes with bacon, cream cheese and chives.


Butterfried Zander

359 :-

Butterfried Zander fish Cauliflower puree, parsnip crisp, pickled parsnip, new potatoes with dill, lemon aioli and herb oil. Our recommendation Piamonte Barbera 75cl 475:- or Stoneleigh Latitude Chardonnay 37.5cl 299:- 75cl 499:-.