Main courses

—Main courses —

The Oven´s Fish & Chips 179:-
Fried haddock & french fries served with a green salad topped with a vinegrette, lemon slice & aioli

Char fillet 239:-
Served with dillsauce, vegetables & home-made mashed potatoes.

Chicken fillet 199:-
Served with red wine sauce & vegetables.

Pork Tenderloin 209:-
Served with chanterelle (muchroom) sauce, crispy bacon & vegetables.

Veggie Burger 179:-
Grilled Halloumi cheese served with bread, mangochuttney mayonnaise, pickled onion, mixsalad, tomatoe & cucumber.

Beef Sirloin 269:-
Served with béarnaise sauce & vegetables.
Rare/ Medium/ Well-done?

BBQ & Chevre Burger 189:-
Home-made beef burger served with chevré cheese, bread, BBQ-mayonnaise, arugula salad, pickled onion, & honey. (Served medium).

Peppersteak beef tenderloin 298:-
Served with pepper sauce & vegetables.
Rare/ Medium/ Well-done?

Bacon & Cheddar Burger 199:-
Home-made beef burger served with bacon, cheddar cheese , smokey mayonnaise, mixsalad, tomatoe, cucumber, onion & bread. (Served medium).

The Oven´s special 309:-
Beef tenderloin & Pork tenderloin served on a plank with red wine sauce & béarnaise sauce, vegetables, grilled tomato, and duchesse (muched potato).
Rare/ Medium/ Well done?

Choose from; gratin, wedges potatoe, french fries or sweet potatoe fries…